Monday, August 24, 2015

When does this 'ageing thing' start? Early than you think

If you want any chance of understanding this graphic you will have to open it in another window.

What it shows is the age of sprinters when they achieve their personal best times for the 100 metres.

The simple point of the chart is that for a lot of people their peak performance is pretty much over by their mid-20s. In other sports the time at the top seems to be extending. Anybody watching Roger Federer win on Saturday (age 34) will know what I mean. Maybe it is wrong to extrapolate about a sport from a single  and most exceptional player?

If you are competing in Iron Men triathlons then your enter the veteran group at the age of 40.

Marketers still seem to think that physical change is something that occurs in a way off time in the future. Sorry guys and girls, you are probably already experiencing the results. Dick Stroud

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