Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Generational wealth in America - great work by Deloitte. Not good news for Millennials

This report and video is from Deloitte University Press and maps the trends in generational wealth in the US through until 2030. If you have difficulty watching the video this is a direct link. 

Assuming you have some interest in where the wealth in the US resides for the coming 15 years I strongly suggest you have a look at the report.

I think this chart says it all, you will need to click on the graphic to see the detail.

The bottom line is that Baby Boomers still retail as much wealth in 2030 as the next two generations combined (or there or thereabouts). Right now they have about half of all the wealth.

The poor (literally) old Millennials will have about half as much as Gen X and only a third as much as Boomers.

Now call me old fashioned but this kind of contains a message for marketers, does it not?

I recently commented about all the fuss that is going on about Millennials. Pity more of the commentators don't start from the basic numbers of what age of consumer has the money to spend.

Well done Deloitte on this report and supporting materials. Real high class reporting and presentation. Dick Stroud

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