Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The UK's imploding care sector. A perfect example of how to screw up the ageing business

I have written numerous blogs about the mess that is the UK's care industry. A combination of imbecilic financial engineering and central and local government stupidity means that much of the industry is financially bust.

This will change but not for the better.

The ongoing saga is not so dramatic as the recession of 2008 but probably as devasting on the lives of people.

This press release from LaingBuisson provides a good distillation of what is happening (or not).

A more recent report from ILC describes the difficulty in finding people to work in the care industry. This is another issue that is getting worse with no signs of improvement.

What really angers me about this is that it so predictable. Yes, there will be really good business to be done by providing services to those that give up on the state. What happens to the rest (the majority) is anybody's guess. Dick Stroud

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